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Graphic Era University

we completed many more projects like renovation, retrofitting, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services, path way, boys hostels, workshops, and now ongoing project are Graphic Era Hill University girls hostel, Graphic Era University auditorium cum library building work cost of project Rs 30.00 crores.

Graphic Era Hill University

We are completed Uttarakhand single largest building area (400000 Sqft) education building which is multistories RCC structure include internal and external development with mechanical, electrical and plumbing services work cost of project  Rs. 55.00  Crore.

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

We Completed Phase II Law College, College of management, Girls and Boys Hostels Buildings, Cement Concrete roads, Sewer Treatment Plant, Sports grounds (Badminton court, /football ground, cricket pitch etc.), energy house, design study, classrooms  buildings and other external civil works for University of Petroleum Studies Of Energy at Kandoli Dehradun Uttarakhand. Project cost of work Rs. 40 crore. Now we are doing construction of administrative Block – 11 with labs work cost of project Rs. 13 crore.

Doon School Master’s Housing Project

We completed Master’s Housing projects where’s eighteens staff quarters with mechanical electrical and plumbing work, Renovation of Main Building work, Retrofitting of jaipur House, Screeding & other maintenance work of Hyderabad and Kashmir House are successfully completed. We have also take best work award certificate from The UNESCO. Area of project is 25000 Sqft all works cost of projects Rs. 19 crore. Now we are doing renovation of Chestnuts Houses work of project Rs. 1.3 crore.

Kasiga School, Dehradun

We have completed sub and super structures building dormitory, teacher residence, swimming pool and sports complex cost of project work Rs. 12.66 crore.



Echole Globale School

We completed Educational building, Staff Residential quarters, playgrounds, open auditorium, Swimming pool external development with mechanical electrical and plumbing work for The Ecole Globle International Girls School at village Horawala Dehradun. Project started on 10 August 2011 and completion on September 2012.  Area of project 145000 Sqft work cost of project Rs. 12.00 crore.

Admiral House, DEHRADUN

We completed sub-super structures, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services with external development for Admiral House 17 Beacher Road, Dehradun. Project started on 2009 and completion on 2010 work cost of project Rs. 3.5 crore.

UN Students Hostel,  IIRS, Dehradun

Golden Jubilee Hostel work was started on April 2015 and completed on April 2017. The project cost of work Rs. 13 crores. We also completed library building project cost of work Rs. 1.14 crore, structure repair face lifting up lifting at toilets and renovation work of main building where’s area is 90000 Sqft.

Max Estates

Town house villa’s projects work was started on 15 April 2016 in this project we have completed town house duplex villa’s, courtyard duplex villa’s where area 45000 Sqft and also completed forest villa’s basement plus duplex totally structure work with mechanical, electrical and plumbing services project cost of work Rs. 9.00 crore.

 Other Notable projects

We completed Housing, Residential Apartment, Private Complex, Religious Temples, Playgrounds, Stadiums, and Swimming pool, School and college buildings projects. We are achieved best customer satisfactions