Renovation and Restrengthening work

Renovation and Restrengthening work

We completed Main building, Jaipur house, Hyderabad and Kashmir house of the Doon school renovation and retrofitting work. And Graphic Era University some building renovated with retrofitting work. Renovation and retrofitting work done below this method –

5 Tips to Creating a Contemporary Renovation-Everyone wants the contemporary renovation these days. Even buyers of older homes want the original features in the original part of the house, but when I come to the extension, it’s contemporary all the way.   Features such as the open floor plan and folding or stacking doors opening the indoors up to the garden are great but, as they say, the devil is in the detail. Here are some renovation tips that are some of the more subtle details that transform an ordinary Reno into one that has that sophisticated feel that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Less Is More
Keep materials, colours and finishes to a minimum so the effect is seamless and avoids a hotch potch. Eg If you have timber floors inside, go for deck, rather than pavers outside. Keep to one style of tap ware, windows, doors, tiles, landscaping, light fittings, floor coverings (where possible) throughout.
Choose and elegant paint colour palette
Take paint colours from the same palette. A neutral like Dulux Grand Piano or Ghosting are colours we have used some settings with quarter strength on the ceilings, half strength on the skirting’s, architraves and doors and full strength on the walls.
Square Set Cornices
Do away with cornices and square set the joint between the wall and the ceiling. Square set any openings.  Do away with architraves and opt for a p50 shadow line this can add to your costs so caution is advisable but if you can manage it the finish is superb.

Float the Joinery.
Kitchen joinery can be taken up a notch by setting the kicker well back so that the cabinets look as though they are floating.  You may just want to do this on a feature unit such as an island bench. The same effect can also be achieved in the bathroom by wall hanging your cabinets.

Hide the plumbing
If your budget allows, go for in-wall toilet cisterns and linear floor wastes in the showers, it does cost a bit more but has the advantage of transforming your bathroom to five stars.

Glass is Class.
Glass is a versatile material, when used well it will add value. Use frameless glass for balustrades, pool fencing, and shower screens and if you need to inject a little light into your rooms replace your solid doors with translucent one light glass doors Glass fencing and balustrade is now available off the shelf and is extremely affordable. The procedure for analysis and design of a given building will depend on the type of building, its complexity, the number of stories etc. First the architectural drawings of the building are studied, structural system is finalized sizes of structural members are decided and brought to the knowledge of the concerned architect.