Multistoried RCC Framed Structures

We completed various task of this type structure like 36 meter High tower for Institute of integrated rural development, Single largest area building at Graphic era Hill University, Bharat heart super speciality hospital and Graphic era university’s auditorium buildings at Dehradun. The procedure for structural design will involve some steps which will depend on the type of building and also its complexity and the time available for structural design. Often, the work is required to start soon, so the steps in design are to be arranged in such a way the foundation drawings can be taken up in hand within a reasonable period of time. Further, before starting the structural design, the following information of data are required: (i) A set of architectural drawings;(ii) Soil Investigation report (SIR) of soil data in lieu thereof; (iii) Location of the place or city in order to decide on wind and seismic loadings;(iv) Data for lifts, water tank capacities on top, special roof features or loadings, etc. Choice of an appropriate structural system for a given building is vital for its economy and safety. There are two type of building systems: – (a) Load Bearing Masonry Buildings. (b) Framed Buildings.

Renovation and Restrengthening work

We completed Main building, Jaipur house, Hyderabad and Kashmir house of the Doon school renovation and retrofitting work. And Graphic Era University some building renovated with retrofitting work. Renovation and retrofitting work done below this method –

5 Tips to Creating a Contemporary Renovation-Everyone wants the contemporary renovation these days. Even buyers of older homes want the original features in the original part of the house, but when I come to the extension, it’s contemporary all the way.   Features such as the open floor plan and folding or stacking doors opening the indoors up to the garden are great but, as they say, the devil is in the detail. Here are some renovation tips that are some of the more subtle details that transform an ordinary Reno into one that has that sophisticated feel that you can’t quite put your finger on.

Less Is More
Keep materials, colours and finishes to a minimum so the effect is seamless and avoids a hotch potch. Eg If you have timber floors inside, go for deck, rather than pavers outside. Keep to one style of tap ware, windows, doors, tiles, landscaping, light fittings, floor coverings (where possible) throughout.
Choose and elegant paint colour palette
Take paint colours from the same palette. A neutral like Dulux Grand Piano or Ghosting are colours we have used some settings with quarter strength on the ceilings, half strength on the skirting’s, architraves and doors and full strength on the walls.
Square Set Cornices
Do away with cornices and square set the joint between the wall and the ceiling. Square set any openings.  Do away with architraves and opt for a p50 shadow line this can add to your costs so caution is advisable but if you can manage it the finish is superb.

Float the Joinery.
Kitchen joinery can be taken up a notch by setting the kicker well back so that the cabinets look as though they are floating.  You may just want to do this on a feature unit such as an island bench. The same effect can also be achieved in the bathroom by wall hanging your cabinets.

Hide the plumbing
If your budget allows, go for in-wall toilet cisterns and linear floor wastes in the showers, it does cost a bit more but has the advantage of transforming your bathroom to five stars.

Glass is Class.
Glass is a versatile material, when used well it will add value. Use frameless glass for balustrades, pool fencing, and shower screens and if you need to inject a little light into your rooms replace your solid doors with translucent one light glass doors Glass fencing and balustrade is now available off the shelf and is extremely affordable. The procedure for analysis and design of a given building will depend on the type of building, its complexity, the number of stories etc. First the architectural drawings of the building are studied, structural system is finalized sizes of structural members are decided and brought to the knowledge of the concerned architect.

Expose Brick Work

Brick walls are attractive and durable when designed correctly and built with appropriate materials in a technically competent way. This guidance note is aimed at all those in the delivery chain to help them achieve long lasting results when considering external works such as freestanding garden and retaining walls and chimneys which should always be considered as very severely exposed to frost attack regardless of geographic location. We completed many more projects where use expose brick work like Delhi Public School, The Doon School, Uttarakhand Petroleum Energy Studies Kandoli, and Graphic Era University. Brick is a common material used in construction due to its strength and longevity. Generally brick walls are covered in plaster for added strength and durability as well as aesthetics. Exposed brickwork has a unique charm and sometimes the entire building or perimeter wall, both inside and outside are left un-plastered, allowing the bricks to show. In some buildings only the exteriors are un-plastered allowing the brickwork to show, whereas the interior walls are plastered and enhanced with paint or various other types of materials, as the design warrants, Then there are designs where the exposed brickwork enhances the interiors while plastered walls beautify the exteriors. Exposed brickwork has its advantages as well as disadvantages. The main advantages of exposed brickwork are the visual interest it generates. Exposed brick wall makes a great accent wall and many homeowners get drawn to its appealing looks. The rustic look of bricks adds oodles of old world charm to homes and other spaces; they are even good for modern spaces.

Interiors Works

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interiors, sometimes including the exterior, of a space or building, to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user. An interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of the design.


Civil construction falls in the category of civil engineering which is all about designing, constructing and maintaining the physical and naturally built environment. Civil construction is the art of building bridges, dams, roads, airports, canals, and buildings.

Civil engineering is the oldest disciplines of engineering. Since the very beginning of the human existence, it has been the aspect of life. One of the main aspects of civil construction is structural engineering. It helps in designing the structure in a way that it is able to support itself successfully along with resisting loads. The stability of the design will serve as the foundation of civil construction.
In today’s society, there are huge projects meant for civil construction and engineering. The infrastructure used in our daily lives all has been created because of civil construction and engineering. The roads, railways, stadiums, harbours, schools and other buildings constructed all are a contribution of civil engineering.

External Development

KSGG construction  is your one stop solution for all your Industrial,Commercial and Residential constructions. A team  of competent engineers, who provide solution for your problems. Our consultant engineers  analyze client requirements to create custom solutions and also helping clients meet their goals

Project planning is an aspect of construction that require years of experience in construction,keep a project running in budget, handle problems ,creating a plan that fits the need of client.Construction requires expert consulting service .From scientific to managerial role,from technical to cordinating , planning requires specialization , administrative expertise ,development skills

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Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services deliver best business solution offerings to help your business transform with certainty and produce tangible benefits.

client requirements

Our consultant engineers analyze client requirements to create custom solutions and also helping clients meet their goals.

Electrical Works

An electrical contractor is a business person or firm that performs specialized construction work related to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. These requirements vary from state to state. Electricians may work for an electrical contractor, or directly for individuals or companies.



Stone cladding is a thin layer of real or simulated stone applied to a building or other structure made of a material other than stone. Stone cladding is sometimes applied to concrete and steel buildings as part of their original architectural design.